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It's always fun and useful to receive comments and suggestions about your paintings from visitors, family, friends and other artists. Sometimes they see things that you do not. Please sign our guestbook or email me with your feedback.

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22.May.2002 1:46
From: ta
To: All
i like very much watercolor
thank you
21.May.2002 22:32
From: Abu Seman Awang Besar
To: All
I am very impressed and really enjoyed touring your works.
17.May.2002 12:38
From: Ann and Bob Lessick
Plano, Illinois
To: All

We just spent a delightful morning browsing through your "galleries". It's dark and gloomy here, but your bright sunny paintings brightened up the whole day!
Thank you very much -- we're looking forward to more!
15.May.2002 5:22
From: jos
To: All
excellent art site, really enjoyed the tour!


10.Apr.2002 17:35
From: Barbara Baraowski
Eden Prairie, MN
To: All
I don't remember any names but I like the way you used color, lights and shadows, people. Your paintings are alive.
15.Mar.2002 22:33
From: Krystal Allen
To: All
Got a chance to see your site again today and really love your paintings. The acrylic is very nice.
10.Mar.2002 20:40
From: Todd Freeman
Redwood City, Ca
They're awesome!! I have quite a few walls in my office that could really use some of your
work. Keep up the great work !!!
26.Feb.2002 18:16
From: Sun Huh
Concord, CA
To: All
It's a GREAT work!
You should make the cards or calendar from your painting.

It is very nice and wonderful work. I like them all!
11.Feb.2002 11:03
From: Flor Cual
San Mateo, CA
Mr. Freeman,

All the paintings are fantastic! Great work.

6.Feb.2002 19:32
From: Bill G.
To: All
Very nice paintings. What type of paper are you using?
Glad you like my paintings. I always use Arches paper. Consistency from sheet to sheet is good. I prefer 300 lb since I use a lot of water & the paper doesn't buckle. I switch between cold press & rough, depending on the scene I'm painting.

Tom Freeman
28.Jan.2002 18:15
From: Frank & Dorothy Hale
Rio Del Mar, CA USA
To: All
Tom - We like them all!!!! What a great web site. Congratulations - job well done. Let's talk soon.
27.Jan.2002 1:15
From: Rudy Kuper
Des Plaines, Il
To: All
Hi- I finally got a chance to see your watercolors. They are great!! I always thought that the Christmas Cards were good, and the watercolors are even better.

Just never lose that credit card you use to spread color or you are in big trouble. All the best, Rudy
22.Jan.2002 12:34
From: Sheri
Walnut Creek
Enjoyed Beatrice's Favorite place
21.Jan.2002 22:14
From: Joe Robledo
Martinez, CA
To: All
Really like "North Coastal Surf."
21.Jan.2002 21:07
From: Richard Jaenson
Concord, CA USA
To: All
Thanks for the views
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