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The Artist - about Thomas Freeman
I spent many years of my youth in Michigan. And I enjoyed walking through the woods and fields and dunes. The slow pace of rural living helped form my appreciation of the outdoors.

So to a great extent, most of what I enjoy painting or sketching today is along the back roads and the ocean.

I usually start by taking photos and doing rough sketches in areas that interest me, following with additional color thumbnails that I translate into watercolor paintings - mostly half sheets.

I like to wet the paper first and let the colors run - usually using large flat brushes. I then use a variety of smaller flats, grounds and riggers for details - as well as sponges, tissues and stiff oil brushes for texture.

By painting in the studio, I can take the time to change the lighting, seasons or the colors. Or even combine elements to produce a more creative painting.

The exciting part of watercolors is that you never really know how the final painting will turn out. I have been painting watercolors for many years, and there is always something new that surprises me.

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17 Mile Drive
Fall in Brandywine
North Coast Surf
God's Country
Tranquil Afternoon



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