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It's always fun and useful to receive comments and suggestions about your paintings from visitors, family, friends and other artists. Sometimes they see things that you do not. Please sign our guestbook or email me with your feedback.

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27.Jan.2002 1:15
From: Rudy Kuper
Des Plaines, Il
To: All
Hi- I finally got a chance to see your watercolors. They are great!! I always thought that the Christmas Cards were good, and the watercolors are even better.

Just never lose that credit card you use to spread color or you are in big trouble. All the best, Rudy
22.Jan.2002 12:34
From: Sheri
Walnut Creek
Enjoyed Beatrice's Favorite place
21.Jan.2002 22:14
From: Joe Robledo
Martinez, CA
To: All
Really like "North Coastal Surf."
21.Jan.2002 21:07
From: Richard Jaenson
Concord, CA USA
To: All
Thanks for the views
21.Jan.2002 13:02
From: Aggie Miller
Concord CA USA
To: All
Beautiful paintings. I enjoyed them very much and have put it in my favorites so I can come back when I have more time to enjoy
21.Jan.2002 8:47
From: cyndi sitterding
Walnut Creek CA
To: All
Spectacular work. I enjoyed looking. Thank you
17.Jan.2002 11:43
From: arlys and manley
san jose, Ca
To: All
Hi! Enjoyed the look of your website...some very lovely paintings!
11.Jan.2002 16:49
From: Geri McCormick ...
Glen Ellyn, IL
To: All
Tom, spent a lot of time just sitting here and enjoying all your work ... it's beautiful ... and I couldn't pick a favorite, although I enjoyed the composition of A Walk in the Marsh ... unusual view. Thanks for a lovely time!
11.Jan.2002 16:04
From: Lynn Cual
San Francisco, Ca
To: All
Mr. Freeman,
They’re absolutely beautiful! If only the world were truly that colorful! Are you sure they’re not color by number?? In all seriousness – you should consider selling them on Ebay or having a checkout on your site! I know I’d be one of your first customers!
9.Jan.2002 17:25
From: steve from the BPOE
Looks great !! take more pictures
7.Jan.2002 9:51
From: Angie Baseler
Charlotte, NC
To: All
Very nice work! I especially like "Seventeen Mile Drive" and "Navarro River." Great website, too!
5.Jan.2002 13:01
From: laurie kenski
jacksonville, fl
To: All
watercolor is one of my favorite mediums for the expression of art and your paintings in the gallery are absolutely lovely! the movement within the colors is very intriguing. i very much enjoyed touring this site. the site too is very well done!
4.Jan.2002 12:48
From: Mark S. Cowart
Jacksonville, Florida
To: All
Beautiful work. I especially liked "A Place in the Country" in the Country Living Gallery. Brilliant use of color and imagery.
4.Jan.2002 11:53
From: Ellen Christensen
Jacksonville, FL
To: All
I love the white-capped waves in 'Pacific Coast.' Thanks for sharing your talent with us!
3.Jan.2002 21:11
From: Rich Farrar
San Carlos, CA 94070 U.S.A.
To: All
I first knew you as a person. A number 10 on the 1 to 10 scale. Now i'm seeing you as an artist. Another 10 on the 1 to 10 scale.
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