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It's always fun and useful to receive comments and suggestions about your paintings from visitors, family, friends and other artists. Sometimes they see things that you do not. Please sign our guestbook or email me with your feedback.

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20.Mar.2005 10:51
From: Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey
Ministries Accra Ghana
To: All
I came across your profiles in the "The Artist's Magazine" and I wa so impress to find a great artist like "Thomas B. Freeman". you are very talented and God bless you with all kinds of talents you need to continue your wonderful creativities in painting.
J.Kwegir Aggrey
Box MB 122
Ministries Accra Ghana 233.
15.Feb.2005 23:55
From: Diane Presho
Las Vegas Nv
To: All
Saw your web site.I have a oil painting signed Freeman.It is about 24by 18'' of a ship seven sail's on a choppy sea and three sea gull's. Might this be a Tom Freeman?? Thank's Diane
13.Dec.2004 11:55
From: marette
Normandie, France
To: All
I have visited your website and I adore your paintings the colors you used are wonderful,the Californian landscapes and Pacific coast canvases are really excellent, i am a painter to in Normandie near Giverny but my style is not the same of you. That's will be a great honor if you take few minutes to visit my site at thank you and sorry for my english I hope you understood me ? have a nice day !! best regards

17.Nov.2004 22:19
To: All
I like your work would you like to share links with us?

Mark from the new
Long Island Small Business and Arts Network
22.Oct.2004 16:21
From: Frank R.
N. Attleboro, MA
To: All
Keep painting. These are GREAT!!!
21.Jul.2004 7:07
From: pat everitt
Derbyshire UK
To: All
This is the first time I have visited your site your painting are inspirational colour wonderful thank you
10.Jun.2004 21:48
From: Julia & Barry Wurst
Colorado Springs, CO USA
To: All
Barry and I love your artwork. Everything is so vibrant and colorful. The scenes invite the onlooker to escape to another place. Love you!
2.Apr.2004 12:53
From: Sam Lightsey
Blakely, Georgia, USA
To: All
I just bought your Chadbourn book from David and a note to look at your webpage. I am glad he sent the note. "Morning Dunes" is my favorite hands down. Sam
29.Mar.2004 19:23
From: guymanmugu
To: All
keek off i de here
30.Dec.2003 10:29
From: Abu Seman b. Awang Besar
To: All
I write to u again. Me too have an art web site: and your site is listed on the link page of my site. I always click to your site to rilex my eyes. Please click to mine if you want to see my paintings. Sorry, my works not as good as yours.
26.Oct.2003 20:41
From: Diane L
Alberta Canada
To: All
Just saw your article "Bringing the Outdoors In" in August's issue of
The Artist's Magazine. Absolutely gorgeous! I truly love your
work...the soft and uncluttered colours....I am drawn into the scene and love
the quiet peace of nature at it's best...There is truly something about
your work that I can't quite express. Your instructions are great and
even a beginner like me could make some sense out of them.

Thank you for that article. Continued success! God Bless!

22.Jul.2003 8:40
From: Fabienne
To: All
Wonderfully wonderful !
21.Jul.2003 12:17
From: Mary Anne
King Park, NY
To: All
Hi,I read your feature in "The Artist's Magazine." I, too, am a studio painter and like you, I walk the wetland, marsh, and woodland in my North Shore Long Island area. I am so inspired by the beauty of nature around me, and I bring it back home as you via sketches and camera to paint my interpretation and my first impressions. Thank you again for sharing.

17.Jul.2003 12:02
From: Goetz Nickel
Westerville, OH
To: All
You have done some wonderful work with watercolor painting. I could go on, but maybe WOW - WHAT A COLLECTION will say it all. I read that you studied under Irving Shapiro. Well, so did I at the American Academy of Art at 30 E. Adams in Chicago, IL. It certainly appears that he lives on through your paintings. All the best, Goetz Nickel.
12.Jul.2003 13:24
From: Virginia W.
Provo UT
To: All
I saw your article in this month's Artist magazine, and really connected with your work. Do you do workshops? I'd love to attend.
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